Fortnite set to host an EDM gig by celebrated DJ Marshmello

Now, concerts are moving into the virtual space, with popular game Fortnite set to host an EDM gig by celebrated DJ Marshmello inside Fortnite Battle Royale on Saturday, February 2. For non-Marshmello fans, his collaboration with Bastille, Happier, was number one on the Billboard electronic songs chart for over 18 weeks recently.

Information has been leaking about the event for the past few days. So far, we know it will begin at 7pm GMT (2pm EST) and will take place in Pleasant Park on the Fortnite map.

If you want to get into the gig spirit, there will be a comestic bundle featuring a Marshmello skin, pickaxe and spray, up for purchase.

As well, new animations for dancing and jumping have been leaked too – presumably, the new shapes you can throw at the gig v buck generator 2019.

It’s really interesting that Fortnite is partnering with such a huge musician like Marshmello to throw an in-game concert, the first of its kind. Yet, it speaks to the many different ways that people are gaming online now.

Whilst a lot of the headlines around Fortnite will talk about its addictive, sadistic nature, which forces you to kill people, this doesn’t mean that all the 80 million people playing the game monthly will be following this line. According to a popular Medium post published last August, a lot of young gamers use Fortnite as a way to hang out with their friends, digitally instead of in person.

As journalist and author Keith Stuart wrote: “For my sons and a lot of kids their age, Fortnite is not a game they play, it’s a place they go — and, importantly, it’s a place they go with friends and not with Mom and Dad. It’s fulfilling the same development role as those illicit teen spaces from the 1970s and ’80s — those dodgy youth clubs, arcades, and video stores that we discovered unchaperoned.”

Holding a concert that people can attend is just another extension of this ideal for Fortnite, that it’s a place people are spending time with one another, albeit just not IRL.

This is emblematic of how young people conduct their time now. According to a recent report by Ofcom, children in the UK (aged five to 15) are swapping TV for YouTube and Netflix, with those aged 12-15 reporting they prefer to watch YouTube than a standard old TV.

This is the generation that is growing up on the internet so it makes sense that that’s where they choose to spend their time.

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